What does it takes to be an Entrepreneur…


Entrepreneur the word itself says a lot.. and going by the definition in a lay man term an entrepreneur is a person who who starts up a new venture or business. For being an Entrepreneur the most primary requirement is that you need to be a thinker, an innovator. Until an unless one has these qualities he can never be an entrepreneur. Lets say you wish to start some business and you have enough funds to start and you are even ready to bear the risks but do you practically think you will be able to succeed merely like that? I believe no. To start a business you should primarily be a thinker and an innovator. It is not just today that this trend has arrived but if we analyse properly then we would realise that actually this has been the most important component of business right from the inception be it Dhirubhai Ambani, JRD Tata, Thomas Alva Edison, or Mark Zuckerberg none of these names need an introduction and one of the many things that are common between them is that all of them were great thinkers & innovator. I am not trying to say that hard work, patience , risk bearing  traits are not required but the primary trait is Innovation.

In management the students are taught about two famous concept- The Blue ocean strategy (Where you target an uncontested market space making the competition irrelevant) and the Red ocean strategy (where you have ample number of companies in the same market space tapping the same target audience, you have a cut throat competition and hence the name red ocean) , in both of these strategies we talk about innovation as the key to survival. In the former concept we talk about starting a business with unique ideas and the later we talk about surviving the business and excel with unique ideas.

Today Entrepreneurs play a key role in a country’s economy so all the countries they have different sets of benefits to support the new business ideas. By being an Entrepreneur you are adding enormous amount of benefits to your society -you become a job creator which means you are directly becoming a source of providing bread and butter to some needy families thus saving many lifes, you add to a countries economy, you are helping to cut down the crime rate as when more and more people have a legal source to earn why would they opt an illegal way, and so on. So its is indeed a much bigger responsibility to be an entrepreneur it is not just you who gets affected by your action but if you look at the larger picture you are either adding to the society or taking from the society. So it becomes absolutely necessary to analyse the entire picture an then start. An entrepreneur can be an individual but he never works for individual self.

Entrepreneurs are carpenter’s who design their own doors and never wait for an opportunity to knock



Is it @ll @bout MONEY!!!

I’ve often herd people saying that the true wealth is your ability to experience the moment fully… but is that really true? If we go ethically, emotionally and to some extent logically then we would all agree to the above statement but none of us really follows it! because the logic says “Money is God, no money no honey”, so the question that rises again is then why do we preach something that we ourselves cannot follow. The whole society has become a real hypocrite. We teach our kids to be good, honest, generous, modest, respectful etc  but we ourselves set examples that are absolutely opposite to what we teach.

The entire society is caught in jeopardy. Today the scenario is such that we are scared to move out of our houses freely, even sitting back at home and simply browsing through web has become dangerous for us! So don’t you think its high time that we inculcate a culture of teaching the  grown up for these values instead of the kids. The dual faced behaviour of ours is leading the forthcoming generations towards a deep dark end that will demolish the entire human race.

With the advent of civilisation man started to polish their skills, and knowledge for betterment of the society thus helping for a peaceful and harmonious tomorrow. They worked with an aim to bring prosperity but the question is – Is this agenda existing anymore?There was a time when we worked really hard to feed our family and to fulfil their NEEDS, and guess what that was the time when everyone around knew happiness. We felt peace. Each festival had a meaning and they brought loads of excitement and energy among the society but today we are working to fulfil are WANTS and in this race we have overlooked each and every emotions, and moral values. This is how we will create a better tomorrow, with this speed of decreasing humanity I believe there would be no tomorrow at all.

At this moment I’m remember a quote by Bob Marley that is very well fitted with the current situation- “Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end”. Actual wealth is your propensity to serve and not exploit. We as a human being should be ready to take responsibilities for each of our actions and also its our duty to take care of our surroundings, we can start with small steps to add something positive to this society. Imagine what a world it would be if each and every individual in this world gives something good, adds something constructive the community as per their ability. It would then be apt to say that Man made Money and not Money made Man.

Music !s The Soul of LiFe…:)

Where words fails, music speaks…Hans Christian Andersen

A melancholy drenched heart or a birthday bash, a prayer ceremony or a wedding ceremony all or any events that take place in our life seems to be incomplete without music. There’s music cure for happiness and there’s music medicine for pain as well.Solely the music can be a game changer also, but the question is how does that works equally for all situations..? To answer that I’ve many examples like we take a scenario where there is a breakup situation and one of the partner is really hurt and sad now this person in his loneliness or in front of his friends, etc will either weep, be distressed, irritable and gradually to shares his pain hops on to a series of sad breakup songs and weep along and slowly without even realising he starts feeling better or is at least stable, in a position to talk to others… Why? How?

Lets take another example- we take a situation where people are attending a wedding. Now in a wedding we come across different moods at different stages and we have music for each of them with the music just being played we feel happy at some places at some places we become nostalgic at other times we feel loved. Music expresses it all.

We do meditation and see we even have music for helping us to meditate better… but again the question is how does that works..? The answer is simple in a lay mans term the music simply tames our mind and moves it with it’s flow, in other words it plays psychologically.

A number of researches show that appropriate programs can be designed to manage stress, combating pain, enhancing memory etc. Researches have proved that music therapy can not only help to improve mood but also it can help to enhance quality of life and improved self esteemed. It is now proved that when we listen to music the mood gets affected by producing dopamine, a specific neurotransmitter produced in brain, that controls brain’s action and reaction. Most of us believes that emotions are experienced from our heart, but the fact is that we get emotional stimulus from the brain. So friends now I think it won’t be wrong if I say – Music is the key for happier & healthier life.

Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.
Lou Rawis




A very age old proverb that all most everyone has herd off, at least once in their life- “where there is a will, there is a way” and i believe that there couldn’t be any possible argument for this.

Atleast once in every persons life, there comes a time when he/she wishes to have ones own “identity…” An Identity that he or she creates with his own efforts that the world should know him with.Time and again we have seen so many examples of people who with their sheer hard work and constant determination had overcome each and every obstacles in their way and finally reached the zenith of success. Some of such examples that the world knows about are Narendra Damodardas Modi( current Prime Minister of India who belonged to a poor gujarati family and used to run a tea stall while he was a young boy but today his hard work and determination has lead him to the most prime position in India and his work and witt has earned him respect and acknowledgement from all across the globe), Dhirubhai Ambani (founder of Reliance Industries was born in a baniya family in a village of Junagarh it was his overarching ambition, inexhaustible energy and never-say-die spirit that led him through all the obstacles to emerge as the business tycoon of India), Oprah Winfrey (a Media Proprietor, talk show host, actress, philanthropist was  born in poverty and was sexually abused for years and got pregnant at the age of 14 and with zero support from her family struggled through life and today reached among one of the most famous and successful celebrity),  Malala Yousafzai (a Pakastani activist for female education. At the age of 11 she blogged for BBC Urdu under a pseudonym detailing her life during Taliban occupation of SWAT, at the age of around 14  (year 2012) she was attacked by a Taliban gunman in order to murder her. She beacame the most famous teenager in 2013), Arunima Sinha (The first Indian as well as the first female amputee to climb Mt. Everest, she was a national level volleyball and football player who was pushed out of a train by robbers).

There are thousands of such examples where people have been through the worst conditions and yet they succeeded in making their own “IDENTITY”- an identity that the world knows. It is something that is called a sense of “Self”.identity.jpg